A new way of living the Wine: Virtual Wine Experiences

A new way of living the Wine: Virtual Wine Experiences

The 2020-2021 biennium seems to have been all about digitization and being digital.

Each of us has relearned to communicate in a way that is completely new and certainly unthinkable until now.

The question arises, however.

Can the experiential factor have the same kind of impact during a digital interaction?

 Well, the answer is definitely yes. We have learned at this point that human contact and human warmth can also be perceived through the use of social media.

The desire of “sharing” breaks down all kinds of barriers.

We have also notice this factor through a new type of wine experiences.

Digital wine experiences or virtual wine experiences, are a simple and effective way to learn, discover and live the world of wine.

Visiting far away places and staring at the vineyards while sitting comfortably on one's couch. Listening to wine producers, telling their story, their beliefs and their philosophy is something extremely involving.


Wine is first of all sharing, love and passion.

And, as we already said, the desire of sharing, passion and love break down any type barrier.


Also with this kind of tours and tastings you will be able to learn the basics of the wine tasting in your personal enviroment.


How to best live a virtual Wine Experience?


1( Get informed. You will find many options of virtual tours. Try to figure out what's right for you. Always choose a winery whose philosophy reflects yours.

2( Learn about the wine region. Learn as much as you can about the regulations of the production in that specific area. Learn about the varieties, about growing techniques and winemaking processes. It will be easier,then, to follow the wine guides.

3( You can buy one or more bottles from the winery of your choice. In some cases there are some wineries that send small samples of wine for tasting. This is something you can do with Fattoria di Montemaggio. The sample will be delivered to your home in boxes of 6 or 3. Inside these mini boxes, you will find mini bottles called VINOTTE. You will then be able to taste the different selections that our winery has to offer.

4( Make yourself comfortable and have this experience with the people you care about most.


So what could be better than enjoying a virtual experience in the living room of your own home?


Just book a virtual tour, pour yourself a glass of wine, involve the people you love and above all just be curious.

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