Caciucco vs. Sangiovese- Discover Something Different

Caciucco vs. Sangiovese- Discover Something Different

A pairing that is almost a must. Let's stay within the regional boundaries and choose a red wine like the Cacciucco sauce: a Chianti Classico.

A marriage between giants. The wine is one of the ingredients of the dish: the preparation requires that the fish is flavored with a nice red wine, hence our proposal of Chianti (better if young).

The dish is very tasty thanks to the variety of fish used and the aromas and spices such as garlic, onion, hot pepper, pepper, parsley.

A nice mix of aromas and flavors which induces the palate to look for an element in the wine which attenuates and softens the full bodied structure of the dish.

Chianti Classico is the right one: a strong, fresh, velvety wine. Its spicy and fruity bouquet perfectly intertwines with the important one of Cacciucco, enhancing in the mouth the triumph of flavors of this traditional recipe from Livorno.

The origins of cacciucco are lost in the mists of time: it seems, in fact, that the typical fish soup from Livorno dates back to the Phoenicians.In Tuscany cacciucco was initially the meal of the poor and the term has taken on the meaning of "mixture". For this reason there are different variants: meat, game, fish, chickpeas. The ingredients of the traditional cacciucco alla livornese originally included "waste" fish, but over time the recipe has evolved and nowadays you can also find crustaceans and more valuable varieties such as monkfish. Serve your cacciucco with slices of toasted bread and savor one of the most famous dishes of our popular cuisine!



Now it is up to you! Try Caciucco and try a beautiful Sangiovese Chianti Classico 

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