A Journey Through Tuscany

A Journey Through Tuscany

Italy is not just another European country. it is a unique world, rich in culture, history, and diversity. Each region in fact has its own customs and traditions and of course its own unexplored wonders. Here are some of the spots to visit in Tuscany that you have to see to explore its beauty.

Probably the best place to start our “journey” is the city of Florence.

Known as the heart of the Renaissance, this magnificent city gives you a distinct taste of Italian living as well as the opportunity to make litteraly a walk inside history.

If you want to see the ancient beauty of Florence, look of course at its churches. There are countless churches in Florence.

The three major churches for you to visit are of course as first one The “Three Marias”: Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore famous for the dome Basilica of Santa Maria Novella with its striking symmetrical facade, and then last but not least the Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Croce, here you can find the remains of Michelangelo, Galileo and Machiavelli. 

Also you can have here the opportunity to get a full imerrsion in a complete food experience, there are numerous restaurants in every corner where you can also enjoy their Chianti Classico wine.  Florence will never let you down! That’s a promise.

If you want really to visit the Chianti Classico area you should also go to Fattoria di Montemaggio.

When we talk about wines, trying the timeless taste of Chianti Classico straight from the winery is a different experience.

A wine Experience can give you the opportunity to understand deeply not only the wine, but the philosophy of winery as well as the culture of the area.

Sitting atop a hill in Radda, Tuscany, Fattoria di Montemaggio is home for the renowned “Chianti Classico Gran Selezione Di Montemaggio” known for its elegant,fine and delicate tannic taste. Each bottle costs from €34.90 to €69.90. 

Still dating back to the 14th century, the Montemaggio estate is a place full of riches and Beauty other than wines. This 70-hectare estate is open for tours and lessons for wine tasting and degustation. 

Another gem of Tuscany it is the city of Volterra.

Italy is known also for  the art of ceramics

 Tuscan ceramics is distinct from other Renaissance art. We must mention that thanks to Volterra, a particular carving stone was made available for general use.

Volterra is dubbed as the home of alabaster. This variety of stone used for ceramics and carving the same way marble is used.

Marble is actually more challenging and difficult to find, then the artisans preferred to use alabaster which is softer and has plenty of resources in Volterra.

Due to this, Volterra is known as one of the oldest cities in Tuscany, with its earliest artifacts dating back to the 4th century BCE.

Another must-go for Tuscany it is Chianciano Terme

Chianciano Terme is a comune in Tuscany  that it pretty well known for its thermal bath destinations that are said to be one of the bests in entire Europe.

Plus, the comune is surrounded by the renowned countryside area of Val d’Orcia and the Valdichiana.

A visit here will give you an enchanting experience from their healing spas and historic town center. 

When you reached Chianciano Terme, you’ll be instantly greeted with awe by the Castle of the Manenti Counts, now known as the Monastery. From there, you’ll find yourself wandering from store to store with their local delicacies such as Cinta Senese pork and their renowned Pici all’aglione, a hand-stretched pasta native in the Valdichiana region.

There are a lot more to explore in Tuscany if you want the ultimate Italian experience. But with these destinations above, your next vacation will be a plan away. So, enjoy and have fun in Tuscany!

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