Macerated white wines are back on tables all over the world.


The wine lover’s community started to call them orange wine.


In results-  people started to percieve those kind of products just like a new trend.


But that’s actually wrong.


Orange wine are big part of the wine making history.


We can say: “An ancient and new style at the same time”.


The prolonged contact of grape skins first with must, then with wine or almost wine, gives unusual flavors and colors to a wine made from white grapes.


In short, a classic vinification as it is used for red wines (vinificazione in rosso). Grape skins release the substances contained in them making the wine much more complex both in the nose and in the mouth.

It is an ancient  tradition, almost disappeared with the advent of new cellar machineries which allow the immediate elimination of skins, a tradition which is still alive in Georgia ( For those who don't know yet, Georgia, is considered the cradle of wine) as well as in the Italian countryside where peasant wine has always stayed on its skins for more or less time.

 Friuli, Emilia, Veneto and Liguria are places where even today white grapes  are vinificated at home are traditionally macerated.


The result is a food friendly wine that goes well with the cuisines of its places of origin (traditional method of food and wine pairing) as well as with particular cuisines such as the Asian one.

As for all wines it is important the serving temperature, never serve them cold but at temperatures around 15° C (59° F), maybe opening the bottle some time before serving it at table.


Of course those kind of wines came out from a different point of view. We can say a different vision, an unexpected  approach vinification of white grapes. 

The complexity of orange wines it can be so overwhelming that they require strong and structured dishes, just like the ones one could pair with a red wine, thanks also to the tannic content that often accompanies the sip. Another great way to enjoy them: after the meal, in order to appreciate their nuances and facets, with sensations that turn decidedly towards spices and less towards fruit, with unusual structures on the palate that require careful listening and analysis. For those who love the genre, a complexity from which it is difficult to go back.

 Orange wines are products that suited for a medium-long aging, in particular the ones produced with long macerations.


They are usually produced with grapes from clean agriculture, organic or biodynamic, for the simple fact that everything that is in skins is found in the wine.

 In conclusion, healthier wines.  We can say that maybe the first approach can a little bit difficult, but those kind of products are  so rich in aromas and flavors that they soon become addictive.


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