Sangiovese: The Taste, The Aroma .. The Wine

Sangiovese: The Taste, The Aroma .. The Wine

We spoke, in the last week article about the History of this variety of grape! 

Now let's have quick look about the quality and the kind of aromas and taste that you can get from this amazing grape.

Sangiovese's aromas are mainly oriented to red and black fruits of which the main ones are the aromatic family of red fruits. Among floral aromas, violet (viola mammola in radda in chianti) is the most characteristic one followed by the aroma of iris (Giaggiolo in the area of Greve in Chianti). 

Other fruit aromas that can be perceived  in Sangiovese are probably black currant, plum and dry plum when it gets a little bit older

Sangiovese is mainly aged in large wood containers - "big Italian barrel" - therefore when it comes about the aging notes spicy aromas will also be frequent as well as aromas such as coffee and chocolate. We can also talk about Leather notes when it comes about animals aromas that are developed later in the aging process especially in longer aging in the bottle.

The intensity of these aromas depends - as always - on the use the producer makes of big barrel, and it is not rare to find Sangiovese wines in which the strongly woody, leather and spicy character prevails over the typical aromas of the grape.

In wines produced with Sangiovese Grosso grape - such as, for example, Brunello di Montalcino or Vino Nobile di Montepulciano - because of the longer period of ripeness before harvest, fruit aromas will be substituted by more mature aromas plum, black cherry jam, plum jam and blackberry jam.

In these wines will also be perceivable probably some kind of vegetal aroma - in particular tobacco.

In some Sangiovese it is possible to appreciate balsamic aromas - such as eucalyptus and menthol and in general also a very good minerality.

Acidity in Sangiovese is very well pronounced and it makes this grape perfect for longer aging process.

 Even the content in tannins of Sangiovese is high and therefore the aging in cask and big barrel (depending on the producer) contributes to diminish the natural astringency of these wines.

What about the blends?

Among Sangiovese's historical perfect matrch we can find obiviously  Canaiolo, Colorino wich gives a brighter colour, and Merlot, capable of making it smoother. Merlot is actually the modern replacement of canaiolo and colorino.

Now you just have to sit, taste and  of course enjoy those kind of wines. 

Give yourself a try! 


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