Something More about Pugnitello

Something More about Pugnitello

One of the gem of Montemaggio is definitely a wine named Ilaia.

Ilaia di Montemaggio is produced with 100% pugnitello grapes.

An indigenous variety that was actually abandoned more 250 years ago in Chianti Classico due to the low productivity of the plant as well as the sensitivity. 

So in this blog we are going to explain something more about this extraordinary grape variety

The Origin

The origin of Pugnitello vine is not very clear, it is thought to come from the province of Grosseto. It particularly resembles Montepulciano grape even though it differs from it for its productivity, which in Pugnitello is lower, and for the shape of the cluster. Pugnitello, in fact, takes its name from the shape of the bunch which resembles a closed fist.


Pugnitello vine has a medium size leaf, pentagonal and pentalobed. As we said the bunch is compact, tend to be small and pyramidal. Pugnitella has a spherical shape and medium size with a thick and consistent skin, blue-black in color and quite pruinose.



What about the harvest moment?


This indigenous grape variety has good vigor and average production with an late harvest time, generally during the first week of November.


Organoleptic characteristics

 Pugnitello produces a ruby red wine characterized by beautiful purple reflex.

The nose is slightly herbaceous with hints of ripe dark fruit, notes of blueberry, spiecies and dark choccolate.

Taste reveals a full flavor, full bodied wine supported by a high alcohol content.

When can say that this wine has usually very fine tannins and good acidity and beautiful creamy and buttery end.


What about the food and wine pairing?  

Since this wine has this very full body, with an intense aroma it is probably the perfect choice to pair this wine with all rich pasta dishes, cured meats and cheeses, white and red meats, poultry and game!

As you can see, you have also some kind of good versatility! 

Now it is just up to you. 

Discover Pugnitello and Montemaggio. 

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