The Chianti bubbles

The Chianti bubbles

Who said that this land has to give us only red wines when it comes to quality products?

Sparkling wines are becoming more and more relevant and important in our lives. we have realised that they are not only great wines to celebrate with the people we love or the successes we achieve in our lives.

In many cases they prove to be excellent wines that are extremely food friendly and lend themselves well to pairing with a wide variety of dishes. Whether it is a charmat method and therefore a wine that demonstrates
Good freshness, excellent acidity and an aroma reminiscent of pears, or a classic method with bread crust or yeast and a fine perlage, sparkling wine always has its charm.
For our part, we wanted to try and give our own interpretation of a sparkling wine. Something that would let our terroir speak for itself and at the same time be representative of our idea of wine.

Cielo di Montemaggio represents our idea of a product that represents our territory and our production philosophy.

Since 2009, we have been growing Chardonnay grapes in Montemaggio to offer our customers a fresh alternative to reds, especially in summer. Our sparkling wine Cielo di Montemaggio was born mainly from the desire to create something unusual, unique and unexpected. The Chardonnay grapes are harvested and rigorously selected approximately towards the end of August, sometimes at the beginning of September. The entire process is carried out by hand. Then a further selection is made berry by berry where we eliminate everything that does not meet our high quality criteria.

The name cielo comes from the sky at night here at Montemaggio, which is full of stars, since we are so far away from the city. And all those stars reminds to us to the small bubbles in this wine.

Then let's try a glass of stars of Montemaggio


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