Rosè di Montemaggio IGT - Fattoria di Montemaggio UK
Rosè di Montemaggio IGT - Fattoria di Montemaggio UK
Rosè di Montemaggio IGT - Fattoria di Montemaggio UK
Rosè di Montemaggio IGT - Fattoria di Montemaggio UK
Rosè di Montemaggio IGT - Fattoria di Montemaggio UK
Rosè di Montemaggio IGT - Fattoria di Montemaggio UK
Rosè di Montemaggio IGT - Fattoria di Montemaggio UK
Rosè di Montemaggio IGT - Fattoria di Montemaggio UK
Rosè di Montemaggio IGT - Fattoria di Montemaggio UK
Rosè di Montemaggio IGT - Fattoria di Montemaggio UK
Rosè di Montemaggio IGT - Fattoria di Montemaggio UK

Rosè di Montemaggio IGT


Rosé di Montemaggio IGT is an authentic organic Tuscan wine with a intense rose color, and a fruity bouquet.

It is produced from 100% Sangiovese grapes and it has a full and refreshing taste. This wine is the result of the transient encounter with the must of the Sangiovese grape's skin. The short contact spent together give to this wine its vivid rose color and a morbid character with a bit of acidity, beautiful freshness and lightness.

Why Buy From Us?

  • 🍇 Organic -> You are drinking pesticide-free wine
  • 🍇 Low-sulfite -> Less likely that you’ll get adverse reaction
  • 🍇 100% Sangiovese-> Here you can experience Sangiovese in all its glory, savouring the incredible balance of its main characteristic: minerality, fruitiness  and acidity. 
  • 🍇 Vivid Strawberry Colour -> Vivid Strawberry like colour, the presence of fruits on the palate is inevitable !
  • 🍇 Versatile fresh wine -> Pairs well with most dishes but especially with salads, light meats, fish and seafood. 
  • 🍇 Lower alcoholic content  -> We harvest the grapes early, to reach low alcohol lever and higher freshness !
  • 🍇Great price / ratio quality -> 89% of our wine enthusiasts say that this wine tastes much better comparing to other more expensive wines 
  • 🍇 Fresh and Young  -> Softer and smoother taste, crisp and lovely
  • 🍇Rich floral aromas -> Your wine will have rich, floral and juicy aromas on your noise and palate
  • 🍇 "Terroire" wine -> You will drink wine that fully represents the territory
  • 🍇 Glass cork -> Incredible Glass cork as an alternative to the plastic and silicon, You can easily reuse the bottle or recycle completely as glass. 
  • 🍇 Italian -> Enjoy wine that comes from a 2000-year italian wine-making             tradition, heritage.

We are working with Passion, Care and Respect for health of the planet and everyone who lives on it, trying to nurture what we have and leave a legacy for future generations. We strive to satisfy every single client, by offering an Authentic, Genuine, Natural Products that one can enjoy without worrying about health and damage to nature.




Production and Fermentation

Rosé di Montemaggio is produced with grapes picked from an early harvest from the cooler areas (bottom) of the Sangiovese vineyards, for the purpose of obtaining a good acidity as well as the lower alcoholic content. In this way we are also able to obtain freshness and lightness in our Rosé. The Skins are left in contact with the juice only for one night until we achieve the result we want as well as the necessary complexity.

After that the skins are separated and the fermentation takes place at controlled low temperature in stainless steel vats for few days. This is bottled during the following months after the refinement and then we release it onto the market when we perceive that is ready. The bottle of this Rosé has also a beautiful glass pink cork. We wanted to utilized this type of cork in order to be able to preserve the quality and the authentic taste of this wine.


Something More

In the last few years Rosé wines gained more and more attention and the consumption started to rise. Only few years ago the general public believed that Rosé was done only from the second-hand grapes that were not good enough for the production of the red wines. Of course this misconception is not applicable to Rosé di Montemaggio. This wine it is produced from 100% Sangiovese ( as well as the Classico, Riserva and Gran Selezione) but we pick and choose the grape in a different part of the vine lines and different part of the property.

It is important to mention that we try to pick earlier than the full maturation in order that obtain better acidity and a lower alcohol percentage. As a result we have a very fresh wine, with a intense vivid rosé color. This wine it perfect for summer but not only. Make sure to notice the glass cork too, which saves a lot of wine from the defects of the cork, but still remains elegant and sophisticated.  This kind of solution it is also perfect if you want to recycle the bottle and use it as a jar for the water or olive oil. The current vintage is 2019.

See What People are Saying

Katherine Thomas

This wine was recommended to me by a good friend and sommelier. I was disappointed. It arrived beautiful presented in a black box and I knew I was going to try it that evening. It looked too good to resist. After a few hours of chilling in the fridge, I opened the bottle with the glass cork (a first for me) and poured the first glass. The wine looked lovely and light in the glass and I could already tell it was going to be crisp. But nothing prepared me for the incredible flavours, the delicious freshness of honey and butter. Some white wines can be overly tangy but not this one. It was so big in flavour yet delicate at the same time. You can't go wrong with this bottle and it's a bargain at £20. The only disappointment is when you've finished drinking and you doubt have another bottle of this fantastic wine in your house!


I have rarely enjoyed Chardonnay (probably because it was cheap!). Normally they taste like they have added oak as a flavour using a syringe and some oak juice (or something). I don't normally drink whites, but this was very pleasant indeed - the ladies also commented on how nice it was. Crisp but not too acidic. Smooth but not artificially so. A very nice wine to accompany our fish dish today - and actually very nice to drink on its own. It wasn't sunny (this is the UK) but it would have been even nicer had it been so! Thanks.

Andy Kelly

I wouldn't normally associate Chardonnay with Italy but this is a really stand out wine. Pale golden in the glass with a nose of tropical fruits. It's got a really good mouthfeel and you get honey and cream as it goes down. Let it breathe a little and there's hints of banana too. This really is top wine and it measures up very well against it's more expensive rivals Meursault or Puligny-Montrachet. Delivery was swift and the wine was very well packaged too. I'm definitely going to buy this again!!!!!!

Anne Jane

Bought as a birthday gift in September 2020. My best friend loved it. The glass stopper was a great talking point, so I bought a second bottle as a Christmas gift for someone. Very happy with this and highly recommend.